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JHS Varsity Dance

The JHS Varsity Dance Team is made up of students who perform in support of their fellow Joplin Eagles athletes. Their goal is to promote school spirit both on and off the field or court and throughout the community. Dance team members work to support their fellow student athletes with enthusiasm and skill.

Tryouts & Practices

JHS Varsity Dance Team tryouts are held in the spring of each school year and will be announced to middle schools and on social media. Tryouts usually consist of prospective team members learning choreography for Pom, Jazz, Hip Hop, and/or Kick styles, while practicing skills like aerials, turns in second, and more. 

Team practices begin in June and are usually held twice weekly throughout the summer. Practice continues from August through March from 6-8am at least twice weekly.


The JHS Varsity Dance Team performs at all home Football games, many Boys and Girls Basketball games, all pep assemblies, and certain other district events throughout the year as needed, including the Back-to-School opening day assembly for staff, assemblies and events at middle and elementary schools, and celebrations across the community. The team may also perform in regional and/or state Dance Team competitions.


At least once per year, the team will host a Dance Camp for local students in Pre-K through 8th grades. The camp will coincide with either the football or the basketball season, and will teach participants a dance routine that will be showcased on game night for our community. Please check the team’s Facebook and/or Instagram accounts for details.

Meet the Coaches

Head Coach
Jacquelyn Bradley

Assistant Coach
Amanda Moody