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JHS Athletic Forms and Policies

The purpose of this page is to provide JHS Athletic Forms and Policies to our athletes and their families. All JHS athletes must have the following four forms on file with the Athletic Department prior to the first practice.

Click on the form name below to download a printable version of each form or policy. Paper copies of these forms are also available in the Athletic Department. Forms can be turned in to the athletic office or a head coach. Please call the Athletic Department at (417) 625-5242 if you have any questions.

  • JHS Code of Conduct and Drug Testing Policy (Revised 2024)

    Students participating in athletic, extracurricular, or co-curricular activities must have a completed JHS Code of Conduct and Drug Testing Policy Acknowledgement Form on file with the athletic office prior to the beginning of practice/competition. 9th grade students can turn in this form at any time prior to the first practice throughout the school year. 10th-12th grade students must have this form turned in by the first Tuesday in September. A student does not need to turn in a form every year. A completed form is good for their entire high school career.

  • MSHSAA Preparticipation Physical Forms
    (Effective April 2023) Recently, MSHSAA made considerable changes to the way schools collect preparticipation physicals and medical history forms for their student athletes. Schools are now no longer permitted to collect the preparticipation physical and medical history documents over HIPPA concerns.  Schools are now required to collect the new Medical Eligibility Form as completed by a health professional. 

    Students/parents should follow these steps and complete the paperwork as contained in the document above.

    Step 1: Parent/guardian and student complete the medical history form (Pages 1 and 2) in the new preparticipation physical documents.
    Step 2: Parent/guardian and student take the completed medical history form and PPE Form (Page 3) to a medical professional (MD/DO/ARNP/PA/DC) at the time of the physical.
    Step 3: The medical professional (MD/DO/ARNP/PA/DC) completes and signs the Medical Eligibility Form (page 5). The medical professional retains a copy of both the medical history and PPE form in their office.
    Step 4: The completed Medical Eligibility Form only is returned to the athletic office or head coach.
    Preparticipation physicals are still good for two years from the date of administration, unless marked as one year by a medical professional.

  • MSHSAA Annual Preparticipation Documentation
    The new MSHSAA Pre-Participation Documentation contains 3 items that must be fully completed annually with required signatures before students can compete in athletics or activities.  

    • Interim Medical Update (Page 1)
    • Parent Permission (Page 2)
    • Student Agreement (Page 3)
  • Concussion Information Handout
    An informational handout for parents and athletes about concussions.
    More information regarding MSHSAA concussion return to play protocols can be found on the MSHSAA website.

    You can view athletic policies in the JHS/FTC Student Handbook beginning on page 65.